Preliminary inspection in the Netherlands

At our MICE department, we received around 10 enquiries in the past week about destinations within the Netherlands, which varied from organizing meetings lasting one or more days, two training sessions and a festive evening.  That was good fun, of course!

MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events

Our regular customers have been booking these sorts of things for years now, but in this case the inquiries all came from completely new customers. Our goMICE department, which has been organising MeetingsIncentivesConferences andEvents for years now is being looked up more and more often. Often, new customers hear about us by word of mouth. Happy customers come back, and moreover act as excellent ambassadors for us, and that’s something we’re incredibly proud of. Our new website,, will also be making a solid contribution to finding new customers.

New assignments for goMICE

Whenever we get a ‘new’ assignment, we can often use our own experience and knowledge of locations. This time, it was time to once again carry out an inspection in our own country. This needed to be done in order to surprise our new customers, potentially with ‘other’ locations than expected.

Today, Nadia de Bruijn, one of our MICE consultants, and I have travelled a lot of kilometres and have to keep ourselves to punctual timings and appointments. I picked Nadia up in Rotterdam early on and we set off towards Amsterdam. We had four appointments in Amsterdam, at the Hotel Mate Aitana, Hotel Vondel, Radisson Blu hotel and the Ocean Diva. I’d like to highlight two of them:

Hotel Room Mate Aitana & the Ocean Diva

  1. Hotel Room Mate Aitana is a special hotel designed in a cosmopolitan style. We were greeted by two hip guys, who gave us a tour and were very happy and enthusiastic doing so. The hotel can certainly be described as special and contemporary. We were looking for a hotel just like this one for a client from the temporary employment industry: new, contemporary and just a little different. Above all, the hotel had to have an inspiring effect in terms of its style and views. The view is spectacular. We were almost certain that this location would be to our client’s taste, and we were right! The 2-day meeting which followed at this location was a great success. Our client was impressed, not just by the location, but also by the preparations and organisation.

Quote from our client: It was fantastic how you found and chose the location, and organised the meeting!


  1. The Ocean Diva. We were looking for a special location for a product launch by a client in the cosmetics industry. We’re able to organise events like this to the finest details! The Ocean Diva might fit the bill, we thought. The boat is modern, spacious and has a modern appearance. Our client is currently considering this location, and we’ll soon know which one they prefer. In addition to the Ocean Diva, we also suggested the Huis ter Duin Hotel.


Once we’d visited the four locations, we had a little time before we were expected at the Kontakt der Kontinenten hotel. On the way, enjoying a quick sandwich, we first drove to Maarssen, the Glazen Huis and Inn Style. Nadia hadn’t gotten to know these locations yet, so I thought we’d drop by. Both the Glazen Huis and Inn Style are suitable for various kinds of events.

On arrival at the former monastery, I was once again surprised by the beautiful surroundings. It’s a lovely drive to the hotel through the beautifully wooded area. Here, the megalopolis of the Randstad transitions into the more sparsely populated, forest-rich Groene Hart and the Veluwe.

Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten 

Kontakt der Kontinenten is a former monastery. All authentic elements have been preserved as best possible. You can even hold meetings in the former church.


We thought this hotel and event location would be good for a 2-day team building and challenge event.  The grounds of the hotel were perfect for the activities we had thought up (herding sheep and fencing).


We discussed the itinerary with the manager on-site with a great deal of enthusiasm, and our client was also pleased with the choice of location. There was just one little problem. The location wasn’t available for a 2-day event like this for the rest of the year! Luckily, we were able to find another fitting location.` Of course, I’ll be writing a blog about this 2-day meeting (including the fantastic sheep herding activity)!

Our preliminary inspection then took us in the direction of Geofort

Once we were done in the monastery, we followed our route in the direction of Herwijnen, the Geofort. We regularly make use of the Geofort, especially for more ‘secret meetings’. Companies can hide away here, and the location can be hired exclusively.


This time, we were looking for a location that was really ‘different than different’, so this location would be perfect. However, we weren’t sure whether we’d be able to get it within budget. This is what we were going to be discussing with the location manager.

There was a lovely, ethically-sourced lunch waiting for us on arrival. Together with the manager, we included all the desired elements into the programme. While adding things up and planning, we came to the conclusion that we’d be able to make it work. We still need to discuss a few things with Geofort’s manager, but everything will be sorted out. Happy, we said our goodbyes and arranged that they’d work a few more things out so that we’d be able to propose Geofort for the meeting. And that’s what happened! We were able to include Geofort in the quote, together with a few other locations. I’ll report on the event at the end of November, and I will of course let you know if Geofort ended up being the location!

We already felt as if we’d seen half of the Netherlands, and it was time to set off southward, with Eindhoven as the destination. That’s where we had our final appointment, and then our ‘procurement quest’ would be over.


Procurement is more important than making sales!

Procurement is even more important than making sales! By keeping procurement in our own hands, we are able to save our partners a lot of money. Moreover, we are in charge for the entire process. We offer a Full Service System, as it were, because we not only sort out procurement and make sales, but are also present during the event. Our partners therefore don’t have to worry about anything except their guests on the day. Soon, you’ll be able to read more about all the great events which we are organising on goMICE’s blog! Do you want to brainstorm with us about organising an event? Then send an email to or give us a ring.


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