goMICE Project Manager Moniek introduces herself

goMICE, part of UNIGLOBE Alliance Travel, works with a professional team of more than 40 specialised employees across 3 offices (in Rotterdam, Arnhem and Goes). The specialists at goMICE work from the office in Rotterdam at the Wilhelminakade. We organise Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Events, Sports Trips, Training Camps, Inspiration Trips and Business Club Trips. We also take care of flight tickets for groups.

Project Manager Moniek

This time, goMICE Project Manager Moniek introduces herself. Moniek has been working at goMICE since 1 January 2018. We ask her four questions.

Deze keer stelt goMICE Projectmanager Moniek zich voor. Lotte is sinds 01 januari 2018 in dienst bij goMICE. Wij stellen vier vragen aan Moniek.

What do you like about your work?

What I like about my work is that every day is so different! At one moment I may be working on a fully organised incentive trip to Edinburgh for a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands, and the next moment I could be booking flight tickets for a famous Dutch band. I can fully utilise my creativity and passion in this job!

What is the best thing you have organised for a client of goMICE?

I have only been working at goMICE for a short period, so I haven’t worked on any major projects yet. I did organise an incentive trip to Berlin for an IT company from Belgium. I also organised a trip to Norway for a branch organisation for shipbuilding in Rotterdam. Looking for suitable hotels, good restaurants and activities that fit the relevant target group is something I want to be doing every day.

What trip can we wake you up in the middle of the night for?

Personally, I love Asia. During my studies, I lived in Kuala Lumpur for six months, where I fell in love with the Asian culture, the food and the loving people. I have also organised various meetings and incentives that went there. In May this year, I will be travelling to Japan to finally go on my dream journey! I have gone on many trips through Asia, but I have also become curious about the western parts of this earth. A trip to Costa Rica and New York are both on my bucket list.

Why do you think a client should choose goMICE?

goMICE stands for quality and customisation. We can provide this thanks to our extensive global network. We work in a very structured manner, in part thanks to the years of experience within goMICE. This allows us to quickly arrange things with suppliers and local suppliers. There is a good vibe in the workplace, where every project manager works on unforgettable projects with the same amount of passion!

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