goMICE Consultant Rosa introduces herself

goMICE, part of UNIGLOBE Alliance Travel, works with a professional team of 40 specialised employees across 3 offices (Rotterdam, Arnhem and Goes). The specialists at goMICE work from our office in Rotterdam at Wilhelminakade. We at goMICE organise Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Events, Sports Trips, Training Camps, Inspiration Trips and Business Club Trips. We also take care of flight tickets for groups.

goMICE Consultant Rosa

This time, goMICE Consultant Rosa introduces herself. Rosa has been working for the UNIGLOBE organisation for a total of 11 years and has been working at UNIGLOBE Alliance Travel, which goMICE is a part of, for 4 years now. We ask Rosa four questions.

Paspoort goMICE Consultant Rosa

Four questions for goMICE Consultant Rosa:

What do you like about your work?

The first thing I really like is that we work very professionally. I also like being able to express my creativity in my work and negotiating with clients independently.

I like working at goMICE because I can continue to develop myself. Despite working in this industry for over 25 years, I still learn new things every day. Travel and planes are my passion, and I love working with them every day.

I also like having a good and super flexible manager that does an excellent job. In our team, every day is like a party! We are here for and with each other. You don’t see that very often!

What is the ‘craziest’ thing you have experienced with a client of goMICE?

Some time ago, a group of African dancers was invited to perform by the Dutch government. They flew to the Netherlands in a large Boeing with a box of large wooden costumes (300 kg). But on the way back, via Brussels, the plane from Amsterdam to Brussels was too small to transport the box with the wooden costumes. The group refused to leave without their costumes!

So we were faced with a challenge and did not have an immediate solution. Then I asked the group to put on their wooden costumes and try to sit in the plane. And they could! It was a tight fit, but it allowed the group to fly to Brussels. A colleague then drove the wooden box to Brussels with the company car and ensured that the customer could get on their subsequent flight to Africa without any problems and on time.

What trip can we wake you up in the middle of the night for?

I love to travel, especially by plane. You can always wake me up for a trip to New York, Barcelona or a visit to a club on Ibiza!

Why do you think a client should choose goMICE?

Because of our expertise and experience. We fully unburden the client, which results in time and costs savings. And if we need to find a solution during a trip, we do everything we can to take care of it. Nothing is too crazy for us!

Don’t go without us!

After my brief introduction, I am very curious about your story! We are happy to help you organise your next group trip or meeting! Contact me via phone or mail to Hello@goMICE.nl.

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