goMICE Consultant Nadia introduces herself

goMICE, part of UNIGLOBE Alliance Travel, works with a professional team of 40 specialised employees across 3 offices (in Rotterdam, Arnhem and Goes). The specialists at goMICE work from the office in Rotterdam at the Wilhelminakade. We at goMICE organise Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Events, Sports Trips, Training Camps, Inspiration Trips and Business Club Trips. We also take care of flight tickets for groups.

goMICE Consultant Nadia

This time, goMICE Consultant Nadia introduces herself. Nadia has been working at goMICE for almost 2 years. We ask Nadia four questions.

Paspoort goMICE Nadia - MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Congressen en Events

Four questions for goMICE Consultant Nadia:

What do you like about your work?

It is a fun and varied job in which I can express all my creativity. All trips, meetings and events we organise are different. This means every day is different.

What is the best thing you have organised for a client of goMICE?

What I really liked so far was organising a two-day event. It was a two-day event with various workshops, activities, a winter barbecue, a pub quiz and an overnight stay. A complete package that takes weeks of intensive preparation. And when that finally results in a flawless event with happy guests and a satisfied client, that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Another great event I contributed to was a party night in après-ski style. Nothing was impossible for this party! Various famous artists performed, and we even ordered animal suits for the management to walk around in. The blog, including all pictures of this event, can be seen here.

What trip can we wake you up in the middle of the night for?

For pretty much any trip, but preferably for a trip to a warm destination with beautiful nature and lots of adventure.

Why do you think a client should choose goMICE?

We do the impossible at goMICE, we are 100% committed to every project. We do everything in our power to give the customer a great trip through service and providing advice. Because our team loves travel so much, we know all about the most popular incentive destinations, which means we can create a tailor-made trip for every group.

Don’t go without us!

After my brief introduction, I am very curious about your story! We are happy to help you organise your next meeting, incentive trip, congress or event! Contact me via phone or email to Hello@goMICE.nl.

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