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As organiser of (international) meetings, incentives, congresses, events and other group trips like sports trips, inspiration trips and business club trips, we tend to visit the most beautiful places on earth. In this blog, we want to take you to our Top 5 incentive destinations in Europe. These European destinations manage to surprise us (and the participants of our incentive trips) time and time again. Many of the incentive trips to these European destinations have already appeared in travel reports on our blog. In this blog post, we want to tell you why these destinations are our top 5.

Top 5 incentive destinations in Europe

Before we start with our Top 5 incentive destinations in Europe, we want to give you a small disclaimer. There are many more great destinations in Europe for an incentive trips. Less obvious countries such as Croatia and Hungary, are also great destinations for fantastic incentive trips.

However, we will limit ourselves to just 5 European destinations. In random order, by the way.

Seville, Spain

Seville has been one of our favourite destinations for an incentive trip in Europe for years now. Coming up with an interesting and surprising programme in Seville is hardly any effort for us. There is plenty to do in terms of art, culture and history, and we know the best places to organise fun and educational workshops. We know the restaurants we select for our incentive trips in Seville through and through, although occasionally we do discover new gems, during our own inspection trips. We sometimes organise something special for clients. To celebrate our collaboration. For instance, during our last incentive trip to Seville, we had arranged for carriages (incl. CAVA and snacks) as suitable transport for the final evening of the trip.

Top 5 incentive bestemmingen Europa - Incentive reizen van goMICE

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city we have also organised plenty of incentive trips in. We invariably choose the beautiful Hotel Tivoli Lisboa, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Lisbon. This hotel is especially convenient in terms of logistics: virtually all restaurants we have selected are within walking distance of the hotel. We often use the famous rooftop bar of the hotel for the welcome drink. It is not uncommon to run into celebrities here. For instance, we ourselves came across the hero of Portugal, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, during our pre-inspection trip. There are also plenty of activities to undertake in Lisbon. For example, for our most recent incentive trip to Lisbon, we organised a trip with the old tram, a bicycle tour, a tapas making contest and a city tour with Gocars.

Top 5 incentive bestemmingen Europa - Incentive reizen van goMICE

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is part of Spain, but the island has a completely different vibe than cities like Seville or Valencia. It is a destination where (almost) everything is possible. And we have a favourite hotel here too: 5-star hotel Aguas de Ibiza. Another hotel with a great rooftop for the welcome drink. The restaurants we select for our incentive trips to Ibiza make the atmosphere of the island even better. You truly experience the “good life” feeling. We do not always stay on the island itself. The restaurant Juan y Andrea on the beautiful island of Formentera (next to Ibiza) is a beloved destination during out incentive trips. Ibiza also offers plenty of (sporty) activities. This means we never have too much trouble filling up a fun programme for an incentive trip to Ibiza.

Top 5 incentive bestemmingen Europa - Incentive reizen van goMICE

Naples, Italy

See Naples and die. This saying holds true, and we are more than happy to include Naples in our top 5 incentive destinations in Europe. Naples is beautiful, but impressive and surprising at the same time. During our incentive trips to Naples, we (virtually) always visit the Vesuvius. We brave the volcano to – once we get to the summit – enjoy the view, but also to visit Pompeii after and take a moment to reflect on the tragedy that took place here in 79 AD. To brighten things up again after that, we like visiting the local limoncello factory with the participants of the incentive trip. This usually makes the mood – with the help of this divine drink – a lot more cheerful again. An incentive trip is not a success if there aren’t multiple WOW moments. That is why we virtually always select Hotel Gran Vesuvio for our incentive trips to Naples. The hotel has a beautiful view over the Bay of Naples and the Castel dell’Ovo peninsula. The peninsula has an old castle and some fantastic restaurants. Restaurant La Scialuppa usually provides the second WOW moment. Here you can eat truly fresh fish that comes straight from the sea and is prepared for you in the kitchen of the restaurant by locals. Besides all this, there are a bunch of WOW moments to experience in Naples and the city definitely deserves a spot in this top 5 of incentive destinations in Europe.

Top 5 incentive bestemmingen Europa - Incentive reizen van goMICE

(South) Tyrol, Austria & Italy

We can almost hear you thinking: so far, I’ve only seen sunny destinations in this top 5 of incentive destinations in Europe. Isn’t there a great incentive destination for me as an avid winter sports enthusiast? Of course, there is! At goMICE, February and March are mostly about various winter sports incentives. We feel a good winter sports destination for an incentive trip always has:

  • lots of sun and good snow
  • lots of fun
  • a wide range of various slopes
  • a cosy atmosphere
  • and of course, good food and drink

This often makes one think of Tyrol in Austria, definitely a destination we often visit with our incentive trips. For instance, we recently organised a fantastic ski incentive trip to Gerlos.

Top 5 incentive bestemmingen Europa - Incentive reizen van goMICE

However, we have selected a lesser known winter sports destination for this blog about our top 5 incentive destinations in Europe: Val Gardena in the Dolomites (South Tyrol, Italy). Val Gardena is near Bolzano in Trentino, just across the border with Austria. The area is relatively undiscovered and that continues to amaze us. It is truly an amazing area for winter sports. With about 500 kilometres in sloped and one of the longest descents in the world, there is plenty to experience for every winter sports enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner or have been going on winter sports trips for years. Unique in this region is the local kitchen. After all, the area belonged to Austria until 1919, but was annexed by Italy after World War I. This has led to the Italian cuisine being mixed with the Austrian hospitality and conviviality. A perfect combination. The well-known Austrian après-ski can also be found here. We usually visit the town of Selva for this during our incentive trips, which is right at the heart of the ski area.

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We hope to have inspired you with our top 5 incentive destinations in Europe in this blog. Are you curious about our (incentive) trips after reading this article? Then please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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