The making of goMICE

I love how paths can cross. This blog post is about paths crossing and all the good things that can come from it. Quickly read on about the making of goMICE!

For goMICE

It is hard to imagine now, but there was a life before goMICE and UNIGLOBE. I worked as manager and director for companies like L’Oréal, Coca-Cola and the USG group for years. Rob (co-founder of goMICE and UNIGLOBE) was working for L’Oréal at the time as well, and later became marketing manager at Sara Lee. Sometime during 2004, however, something started to itch, and we were determined to translate our knowledge into our own company. Our own company. As a franchisee, because we were certain of that quite quickly.

The search began, and in that period, we investigated a great number of franchise organisations. We didn’t just want to put our knowledge of the business world into the company, but mainly also our passion. After a lot of research, two paths crossed. The advertisement from UNIGLOBE international and the requested profile of the entrepreneurs fit us like a glove.

A logical choice

The choice was very logical. We love to travel, and you can certainly say we had some form of experience with it. The younger Anita, who had just finished studying, wasn’t quite ready to start a “steady” life yet. I wanted to travel and started working as a travel guide.

The Making of goMICE - Meetings, incentives, conferences en events

For six years, I travelled across the world with groups from the United States. I would be out and about for three months at a time and had 50 Americans under my wing. I felt a bit like Floortje Dessing and fully enjoyed travelling and discovering all the new cultures. I loved it!

What I enjoyed back then, is the philosophy behind goMICE today. I didn’t just love the travelling. Giving participants a fantastic experience is what I liked most.

The Making of goMICE - Meetings, incentives, conferences en events

Great, isn’t it? How paths can cross. Of course, back then, I had no idea that my travelling experience would converge with my experience in the business world later in my career.

The leap of faith

In 2005, we embarked on the great adventure that is known as independent entrepreneurship. We started with just one employee. Our colleague Roel van Dijk, is still with us today and we are very happy and proud about that. Together, we had a rapid start, which means before long, we were looking for a second colleague for our Business Travel department.

Business Travel:

Every day, our Business Travel consultants work to transport business travellers (of over 250 companies that are our customers) to their destination in the most efficient way possible. We find a good hotel on site and take care of any transport, restaurants and other outings during the business trip.

What started as an idea has since grown into two beautiful companies with over 40 colleagues. We have locations in Rotterdam, Goes, and soon also in Arnhem. In Rotterdam, we have grown out of our building for the third time, so we are moving again. The office in Tiel has also become too small, and this location is moving to Arnhem. The 10-year anniversary was celebrated extensively, and we launched a new site for our group trips department. This is:


To make the distinction between our business trips and group trips clearer, we started goMICE. MICE stands for: Meetings, Incentives, Congresses and Events.

The Making of goMICE - Meetings, incentives, conferences en events

Annually, we arrange about 350 group trips relating to meetings, incentive trips, events, congresses, sports trips, training camps and business club trips. With connections all over the world, no location is impossible. Before our customers go on their trip, we go on an inspection trip ourselves. We check everything, take care of all purchasing and arrange matters on site. If desired, we will also travel with you as guides. You can read a report of such a trip in my blog about the pre-inspection in Lisbon and the group trip to Lisbon.

Now that our paths have crossed via this blog, perhaps you want to know more about our trips. Curious about what we can do for you? Quickly contact us for an exploratory conversation!


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