A meeting in the Winkel van Sinkel.

We have a number of clients with whom we’ve been working for a long time. It is, of course, a pleasure to have mutual trust when it comes to organising MICE: Meetings,IncentivesConferences and Events.

A client active in the Oil and Gas industry wanted to hold a special meeting. The subject for the meeting was: ‘Preparing for tomorrow together’. Our client wanted this meeting to take place at a special location. Our client also wanted us to assist them by shaping their programme..

The location for the meeting

Our team’s first thought was to suggest a futuristic location. However, because we knew our client’s target market well (we’ve known this client for years and have worked with them often), we chose a different suitable location, namely the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht.

Showing ‘Old’ and ‘New’ times.

The participants were all independent entrepreneurs from the Oil and Gas industry Entrepreneurs with a petrol station linked to convenience shops. By choosing the Winkel van Sinkel, we wanted to create a contrast between ‘old’ and ‘new’ times.

The Winkel van Sinkel was for a long time a warehouse with a rich history. Nowadays, it’s a beautiful restaurant and event/meeting venue.

Meeting in de Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht - Meetings georganiseerd door goMICE!

Our client was also very enthusiastic about the location! The preparations could begin. While preparing meetings like this, we take on as many responsibilities as possible. We discuss everything, create badges and set up meetings with all suppliers. This is where goMICE’s expertise and experience come in handy! We never leave anything to chance.

Below, I’ll show you what the day of the meeting was like.

The meeting in the Winkel van Sinkel

Of course, I didn’t want to be late, so I arrived in a freezing cold car park at 6:45am, waiting for my colleague who was arriving by train.

At 7:30, we were both on location in order to set everything up, prepare and to discuss final things with our contact person. We worked on, among other things:

  • Setting up the registration desk with badges
  • Filling bags with gadgets and setting them ready
  • Place banners
  • Testing technology
  • Setting up the Illy coffee bar
  • Checking the decorations in the room
  • Readying the food & beverages

There is a lot involved in a meeting in the Winkel van Sinkel My colleague and I were really pleased when we were able to welcome the first guests at 9:30..

Illy coffee bar in the Winkel van Sinkel

Serving Illy coffee in petrol station shops is one of the business’ new concepts. So that the participants could get to know Illy coffee better, we set up an Illy coffee bar at the entrance..

Meeting in de Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht - Meetings georganiseerd door goMICE!

Some participants had driven a long distance, so they were happy to be able to have a good cup of coffee and a ‘Koek van Anton’. A ‘Koek van Anton’ is a traditional delicacy, a combination of apple pie and currant bread.

Good preparation is half the battle.

Thanks to our good preparation, registration went smoothly. It was lovely weather, and everyone was in a good mood. The room filled quickly, after which presentations could begin. Various innovative concepts were presented, including the launch of a mealworm sandwich!

Meeting in de Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht - Meetings georganiseerd door goMICE!

Unfortunately I was unable to be present during the afternoon because I would be flying to Dubai for a number of days for a meeting/inspection. Nadia, the project manager for this meeting, would be able to hold her own.

There were a range of delicious sandwiches and drinks on the menu for lunch.

Meeting in de Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht - Meetings georganiseerd door goMICE!

The participants were even able to try mealworm sandwiches! The ingredients were brought by our contact person, and we, together with their intern, made the sandwiches. Meeting in de Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht - Meetings georganiseerd door goMICE!

We were curious to see how many participants would dare to try a mealworm sandwich. In fact, 30% of the 140 participants decided to give these strange sandwiches a try! Some were a little more enthusiastic than others!

Relaxing on the water

After this, it was time for a little bit of relaxation on the water. We’d booked 5 sloops which were moored at the Winkel van Sinkel. Due to the wonderful weather, everyone was really excited to go.

Meeting in de Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht - Meetings georganiseerd door goMICE!

After one and a half hours of boating, the sloops were moored again and it was time for the goodbye party. All the guests were checked out, and we presented everyone with a bag of gadgets. We saw many smiling and happy faces, and that’s what we do it all for!

At 8:00pm that same evening, our contact person sent me a Whatsapp message:

‘Hi Anita. It was an excellent day, and there were a lot of happy faces! Nadia is great! Thanks so much, and good luck/have fun in Dubai.’

Having arrived in Dubai, it was, of course, great to read that this meeting had been so successful. To hear more about my time in Dubai, read the next goMICE blog!

Do you want to organise a meeting or event too? Then get in touch via via Hello@goMICE.nl or give us a ring.

What our client said: It was excellently organised. A successful meeting at a great location! Once again, thanks for the excellent work.

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