A 2-day meeting in beautiful North Brabant

We at goMICE regularly arrange (multi-day) meetings for various clients. This time, I am reporting on a 2-day meeting we organised. We were also personally present for this, to make sure everything went well.

The purpose of the meeting

In addition to organising a good and pleasant meeting, the goal was to challenge the group and have them push their boundaries. That is the objective we went to work with.

The regular project manager of this client: Nadia has once again taken care of everything from A to Z excellently. As such, we left for the location with great confidence, as everything was under control. This time, we had chosen a “green” location, but with all the necessary conveniences and technology.

We arrived early. We quickly went over and checked everything with our contact on site. Think of things like the plenary room, the technology, and the check-in procedure.

The meeting in Brabant

The meeting went flawless. Meanwhile, we were working with our regular supplier to shape the planned outdoor cooking. Once everything is constructed and set up, we often hear great reactions from the participants!

A 2-day meeting organised by goMICE. Including outdoor cooking workshop!

It was soon time for a drink, and once again, the participants were surprised about what they found in the beautiful garden. The weather was great, which makes the way we set up the outdoor cooking look even cooler.

The cooking workshop was organised in the “old style”. The cooking would take place above an open fire in various types of pots and pans.  The purpose of this was to create lots of interaction and help improve the team spirit. This worked out well because cooking together always connects people. It was no different for this group.

Outdoor-Cooking Workshop

We divided the group into smaller groups, handed out the aprons, and before long, every group was working on preparing a part of the meal. This involved deboning half a cow, with help from a real butcher.

Een 2 daagse meeting georganiseerd door goMICE. Inclusief outdoor cooking workhsop!

There was also a whole salmon that needed to be prepared. Real cooks provided the right support in the preparation of all dishes. It took some getting used to for some, but everyone was visibly enjoying themselves before long.

Dinner at the same time

The trick is to have all the groups finish cooking at the same time, and we managed to achieve that. After about 1.5 hours of cooking, it was time to take a seat in the garden and enjoy all the delicious, honest dishes. People were unanimous about the quality: Deliciously tasty meat and fish, the way it is meant to taste!

A long summer evening

The participants stayed outside and enjoyed themselves for a long time before going to bed. Recharging their energy was certainly needed because an ultimate challenge was waiting for them in the morning: an Expedition Robinson challenge!

A 2-day meeting organised by goMICE. Including outdoor cooking workshop!

The Robinson Challenge

After breakfast, it was time. The group was once again divided into smaller groups and the challenge began. Where deboning half a cow seemed tough the day before, having to eat mealworms and grasshoppers to become the winning team was quite a shock!

But the participants’ fighting spirit soon prevailed. There were many difficult assignments to perform, and people were visibly enjoying them. Some had to go way outside their comfort zone, but boundaries were soon being pushed!

A 2-day meeting organised by goMICE. Including outdoor cooking workshop!

It is great to see how people can change from being very retained to being very enthusiastic. You see leaders stand up, who motivate their entire group.

In the end, we received various compliments from the organisation and we can look back proudly on a successful 2-day meeting in North Brabant.

Watch a brief video impression of the Outdoor Cooking Workshop below:


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