On a trip to Vienna with an Orchestra

Vienna is Austria’s largest city and also its capital. Vienna is regarded as the hub of classical music and opera, so it’s only natural that one of the Netherlands’ largest orchestras has Vienna high up in its wish list!

To Vienna with the orchestra

One of the largest orchestras in the Netherlands wanted to go on a trip to Vienna together with its sponsors. Naturally, they contacted  goMICE. We have the expertise and experience in order to make a trip like this an absolute success!

The client wanted us to organise the following things to the finest details:

  • Transport of the orchestra to Vienna
  • Organising the trip to Vienna for the sponsors
  • A performance by the orchestra in the Wiener Musikverein
  • A final party with the orchestra and conductor

It was a nice challenge which allowed us at goMICE to show off our expertise! Transporting an orchestra requires a lot of focus and a great eye for detail. There’s no such thing as a musician who’d let their violin or cello leave their view for a second, let alone leave their instrument in the hold of an aeroplane. For this, an extra chair simply needs to be reserved!

Christmas spirit in Vienna

The journey was to take place in December, which would be sure to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Our goal was to give the composers and musicians a true Viennese experience. We believed we could do this from the moment we sent out the invitations. We created the invitations on old parchment, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself. Packaged in a beautiful tube, the invitation fell onto the mat. People loved the invitation, and it certainly stoked everyone’s excitement for the trip. People could begin registering.

Four days in Vienna with 50 sponsors

With over 50 sponsors who have a special place in their heart for the orchestra, we set off for a four-day trip to Vienna. A special trip like this calls for a special hotel! For this, we chose Vienna’s most authentic hotel, Hotel Sacher.

Met het orkest naar Wenen | Ga met goMICE

We made sure that all the rooms had a view of the opera house. That would get everyone excited!

Met het orkest naar Wenen | Ga met goMICE

When they arrived in their rooms, the sponsors saw that we had made sure a slice of original Sachertorte was waiting for them.

Met het orkest naar Wenen | Ga met goMICE

They also then heard the news that the entire orchestra and the conductor would be spending the night in the same hotel. A wonderful experience.

A visit to Mahler’s grave

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) was one of the most important conductors of his time. One of the special places we visited was the grave of Gustav Mahler, where we told about his life. Flowers were placed on the grave.

Met het orkest naar Wenen | Ga met goMICE

Afterwards, we got the schnapps glasses out and toasted on Mahler’s life. A surprising and moving moment!

Off to the vineyard town of Grinzing

After this beautiful moment, we lead everyone to the vineyard town of Grinzing. There, it was time for a wonderful meal. Everyone was able to choose a delicious piece of meat from the butcher who is based in the restaurant. A special, beautiful place to eat! The company was able to linger here and chat while enjoying a lovely little glass of Heuriger (a young Austrian wine of the same year) and a nice piece of meat.

Meeting the musicians

Here and there, we interrupted the trip to meet the musicians. Naturally, the highlight of the trip was the performance in the beautiful Wiener Musikverein concert building.

All in all, this was a fantastic trip for goMICE to organise. It’s wonderful to see everyone so impressed by the marvellous moments we created. That’s what we do it all for!

Would you like to brainstorm about creating such a marvellous trip with sponsors as well? Then send an email to Hello@goMICE.nl or give us a ring on +31 (0)10-2412045.

What our client said: A fantastic trip with attention paid to the little things. All rooms having a view of the opera house – that makes you happy as an orchestra lover.  There was also a piece of original Sachertorte waiting for everyone in their rooms! The highlight was, of course, getting to hear our own orchestra playing in Vienna, but we won’t forget the gathering at Mahler’s grave either. And those are just a few of the things goMICE organised for us.


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