Preliminary inspection in Lisbon: How we sort things out

For the fourth year in a row, we were again organising 2 group trips for a client from the Oil & Gas Industry.

After Ibiza, Naples and Valencia, the trip would this time take us all to Lisbon. We’re well acquainted with Lisbon, but we still always go ourselves for an inspection and to sort everything out on-location, and also to potentially discover new restaurants and activities. Also, we save our clients money, because we don’t have to involve a middleman.

Preliminary inspection in Lisbon – Hotel Tivoli Lisboa

During the preliminary inspection, my colleague and I also wanted to spend the night at a hotel where we wanted to take the group, namely the Tivoli Lisboa hotel. In my opinion, this hotel is the only suitable 5-star hotel in the middle of the town centre, situated on the beautiful Avenida Liberdade.

Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE

The Hotel Tivoli is not only a fantastic hotel in a great location, but is also home to a very popular rooftop bar/lounge, which boasts a spectacular view of the town.

Preliminary inspection in Lisbon – A photo with Cristiano Ronaldo!

The rooftop bar is a very popular spot for both locals and celebrities. Cristiano Ronaldo also often stays in the hotel, or can be found on the rooftop.

Together with the hotel’s event manager, we took the opportunity to enjoy a drink on the rooftop while we discussed this event for the two groups. And then, my eyes wandered and stopped on a group of men in the corner, and I immediately recognized him…Cristiano Ronaldo! My boys, aged 12 and 14, would have been starstruck! I turned to my colleague and said that we had to take a photo!

Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE

It would be nice to show that this hotel was popular with celebrities too. So that’s what we did. Cristiano is, by the way, very sympathetic and friendly. He posed for as long as we wanted!

Then it was back to reality, and back to our work. The two days which we reserved in order to put the itinerary together is always full with meetings. In two days we usually visit two to three hotels, at least 10 restaurants and assess five activities. This required a lot of energy from us, though it is always worth it in the end. We returned with bags of inspiration, and were able to offer our client the newest of the new attractions. This time too, we found two new activities: the GoCars and the Ecocars. We’ll write a bit more about those later.

New restaurants discovered

It was time to discover a number of new gems, so we spent some time visiting a number of ‘new’ restaurants, including Le Petit Palais, Zambeze and Central restaurant in Sintra, 20 minutes outside of Lisbon. Sintra and Cascais would be incorporated into the itinerary for day trips outside of the city.

We were very impressed by all three of the restaurants, and we decided on the spot that these three restaurants would certainly be added to the itinerary in addition to our fixed restaurants.


Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE

Petit Palais

Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE

Central in Sintra

Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE

In terms of activities, we are therefore always searching for something new. A tram ride is a must when in Lisbon, but we also wanted to find something new.

Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE

That’s how we found the GoCars and the Ecocars. Both were ideal for discovering the city, while the GoCars were a little more fun and exciting.


We finally chose the GoCars.

Voorinspectie Lissabon - ga met goMICE

In my blog about the actual trip to Lisbon, you’ll read and see a lot more about this.

Preliminary inspection in Lisbon – We don’t leave anything to chance!

After carrying out an inspection like this, we submit the itinerary to the client, and if they agree in terms of content and budget we go make greater preparations, which involves at least one more visit to the city in question. We do this above all to fine-tune, make reservations and to test everything, because even when it comes to menus and wine, we don’t leave anything to chance!

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