Valencia, a fantastic city for sports or incentive trips.

Here at goMICE, we regularly organise sports trips and incentive trips to Valencia.  Thanks to our years of experience, we know all the ins and outs of this destination. Would you like to know more about Valencia? Then read on!

If you’re looking for a surprising and original destination for your incentive or sports trip, we highly recommend Valencia. We have already sent many happy clients on a trip to Valencia.

An incentive trip to Valencia

Valencia is sometimes also called little Barcelona. Valencia is primarily highly-recommended for group trips. We regularly take groups on adventure in Valencia. We sort out the hotels and know where the best restaurants and greatest activities are.

Did you know we go along on the trips as guides? We never leave anything to chance.

The greatest activities in Valencia

If you’re on a trip to Valencia, these are some fun activities:

  • Bicycle tour on the dried-up riverbed
  • A walk around the impressive market hall
  • Tasting delicious Spanish wines

Incentive reis naar Valencia - Verzorgd door goMICE

Between all activities, we ensure that we get seats in all the best restaurants in the city. Around the market hall, it’s simply a must to enjoy a lovely cup of coffee (Horchata) with a Farton (sweet delicacy) in an authentic Horchateria.

Incentive reis naar Valencia - Verzorgd door goMICE

Incentive trip to Valencia – The preliminary inspection

Before you go on your incentive trip, we carry out a preliminary inspection. That way, we’re sure that we can carry out our surprising itinerary perfectly. We absolutely love it when we see that the trip is going as smoothly as we planned. We last did this for a group of 55 people. It was a fantastic itinerary. Everyone really enjoyed the paella cooking workshop, which was really fun. That evening, Valencia were playing against FC Barcelona, and we had to be there!

Incentive reis naar Valencia - Verzorgd door goMICE

A stay in the Westin in Valencia is fantastic by itself. On the patio of the hotel we organised a terrace party, which was fantastic and great fun! Entertainment at the party included a flamenco dancer and a sabreur (someone who opens a champagne bottle with a sabre).

Would you like to go on an incentive trip to Valencia? Then send an email to

What our client said: It was once again a superb trip: Well-organised and with an incredibly original itinerary.  The restaurant choices were also superb, as always!

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