A group trip to Cape Town with 150 people

Here at goMICE, we also organise group trips that take us outside of Europe, with various goals of our clients.  We recently organised a group trip to Cape Town for 150 people.

The 4-day long event was organised for a group of 150

This time, we received a request from an international organisation in the telecommunications industry. Their goal was to learn something about each other’s approach and markets. They wanted to present the latest innovations, and also reward participants for all their fantastic results. The 150 participants had to be flown in from all over the world, and the days of the trip had to be filled with a 3-day conference, as well as activities and lovely dinner locations. Apart from this, they wanted to fit in a very special final activity on the final day.

A nice challenge which allowed goMICE to show off their expertise! What do you think of our Digital Event Manager, which allows the registration of such a group trip to run smoothly.

Lovely hotels in Cape Town

There are true gems when it comes to hotels in Cape Town, but the One & Only remains my favourite. This hotel is not only suitable for a group trip like this, but also for incentive and leisure trips.  It is not just the excellent location, but also the resort itself that ensures that Cape Town is a truly great experience.

Furthermore, the hotel houses a Nobu restaurant, an excellent Asian chain, which along with HAKASAN and Buddha Bar is one of my favourites. Of course, we planned a dinner there too.

Een groepsreis naar Kaapstad | Groepsreizen naar Kaapstad | Ga met goMICE!

For many, it was the first time dining in this restaurant chain, but probably not the last!

We really sorted everything out for our client

We wanted the travellers on this group trip to Cape Town to really get to know the beautiful resort, so we organised the registration around the swimming pool.

Een groepsreis naar Kaapstad | Groepsreizen naar Kaapstad | Ga met goMICE!

While the participants had to wait a moment, they were served a delicious drink and were able to get to know the other participants. It’s something a little different than a hall with a registration desk.

24/7 availability with 5 team members

During the conference days, we were present with 5 UNIGLOBE team members in order to make sure everything was running smoothly, supported by ONE & ONLY’s fantastic event manager. We were available on a 24/7 basis, so also during the night. That’s obvious for us, and the nights are usually quiet. This time, that wasn’t the case. We had to go to the hospital with someone twice, though luckily everything went fine and it was nothing serious. Both participants, despite being well-travelled, were really happy that we were there to assist them.

We organised a huge diversity in activities. These included:

  • Sailing in a boat around the harbour, with music and delicacies served on board, and then getting into super-fast RIB boats, which had to speed through a course. The passengers on the fastest boat all received a lovely bottle of champagne as a trophy.
  • An excursion to Table Mountain
  • A helicopter trip to Gansbaai

Een groepsreis naar Kaapstad | Groepsreizen naar Kaapstad | Ga met goMICE!

Gansbaai, South Africa

Half of the group left for Gansbaai in helicopters, while the rest took the coach. On the way back, they switched places. We chose to travel to Gansbaai and back in helicopters so that we could view female whales and their calves swimming on their way to Antarctica.

Een groepsreis naar Kaapstad | Groepsreizen naar Kaapstad | Ga met goMICE!

When we followed their journey in a boat, we saw a number of huge sharks. These sharks are attracted by boats from which people cage dive. The sharks are lured to the boat using pieces of fish, and the cage is plunged into the water so that the divers can see the enormous, greedy sharks up close as they snap at the pieces of fish. What an experience!

Een groepsreis naar Kaapstad | Groepsreizen naar Kaapstad | Ga met goMICE!

A beautiful conclusion to the group trip to Cape Town.

Thrilling, with adrenaline pumping, this spectacle was a beautiful conclusion to a few beautiful days. Full of inspiration and satisfied, we said our goodbyes the following day, but not before we had given everyone a CD with the most beautiful moments of those four days.

We too returned from this trip satisfied, because even though we have seen and done many things before, I enjoy these sorts of trips over and over again. Especially seeing the participants and the client so happy is really great. It gives me a kick and the motivation to give it my best the next time too. Just one step further, just a little different than different, just a little more than expected. That’s what we do it for!

Would you like us to organise your next group trip to Cape Town, or another beautiful destination? We are at your service! Send an email to Hello@goMICE.nl or give us a ring.

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