An inspirational trip to Dubai

Organising inspiration trips is one of goMICE’s specialities.  Getting inspired and learning to look at things in new ways is one of the most common goals our clients have. The goal of the inspirational trip is of course to promote a mutual exchange of ideas, and to facilitate discussions between participants. To challenge people to see things in a new light: that’s what we strive for. We have already been successful in this with many businesses.

An inspirational trip to Dubai

In collaboration with one of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands and the Chamber of Commerce, we organised a 4-day trade mission. With a total of 60 participants, we travelled to the city with unlimited possibilities: Dubai.

inspiraties naar Dubai | Ga met goMICE

There are many sights to see in Dubai which are worth the effort. Examples include the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, or the largest shopping centre, the Dubai Mall. Finding inspiration in terms of retail is certainly possible here.

inspiraties naar Dubai | Ga met goMICE

There is something for everyone in Dubai, no matter which sector you’re from, whether it’s oil and gas, pharmaceutical, retail, real estate or healthcare.

A custom-made itinerary

Due to the diversity in participants, we divided the participants from the various sectors into groups. We did this because each sector group has, of course, its own goals with a trip of this kind, and our speciality is to make sure every participant reaches their goal during the trip.

Pleasing everyone

The fact that our approach was working became quickly apparent with the reaction of one of the participants: He said:

“The tailor-made itinerary and the realisation of specific arrangements within your sector make this trade mission unique”

And that’s what goMICE ensured. We made an inventory of all wishes at the start. Where desired, we made appointments with the relevant people and parties.

Business, but also pleasure, in Dubai

Naturally, we also offered the participants recreational activities. Of course, a visit to the Burj Khalifa was on the schedule. This trip was made in V.I.P. style. We were able to skip the queues, and we got an exclusive look behind the scenes into the security and management of the Burj Khalifa. This left a lasting impression.

inspiraties naar Dubai | Ga met goMICE

A number of other activities which goMICE organised in Dubai included:

  • A visit to the Burj Al Arab (Dubai’s 7-star hotel)
  • A flight in hydroplanes
  • A trip on a beautiful yacht
  • A visit to Ferrari World

It was fantastic to see how the participants enjoyed everything. For us, it’s always a challenge to make sure a trip like this is organised to the finest details. But due to our immense experience (did you know that the goMICE team has a cumulative experience of 385 years within the sector?) we were able to guarantee that everything went smoothly. We never leave anything to chance.

Wonderful dinners during the inspirational trip to Dubai

Dubai has a vast array of opportunities for great dining, and we know all the best locations. Our choice of the Villa Beach for dinner, where you can view the spectacular sunset on the Jumeirah beach, with a view of the Burj Al Arab, went down enormously well.

inspiraties naar Dubai | Ga met goMICE

In addition, ‘the Address’ can’t come recommended highly enough for dining out in Dubai. There, you look out on the fantastic fountain show.

inspiraties naar Dubai | Ga met goMICE

A marvellous inspirational trip to Dubai

The group went back to the Netherlands with heads full of new inspiration, ideas and contacts! Would you like to brainstorm about organising an inspirational trip like this to Dubai or another city? Then send an email to or give us a ring on +31 (0)10-2412045.

What our client said: This trade mission was organised unbelievably well. We have taken part in many, many trade missions, but this one certainly makes the top 3. The tailor-made itinerary and the realisation of specific arrangements within your sector make this trade mission unique. And of course, we’d also like to extend our compliments for the non-business parts of the itinerary.



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