A group trip to Bad Gastein

One of our clients, a Sports Technology specialist, celebrated their 20th anniversary last year! This was cause for a party, and they wanted to celebrate it with the whole company.

Our assignment was to find a sporty destination for skiing and snowboarding, but which above all could invigorate the team spirit. Full of enthusiasm we began looking for a suitable location for 150 people. An extra challenge was that around 45 people had to be flown in from all around the world!

A group trip to Bad Gastein

Once we’d found out what all of our client’s wishes were, we quickly knew which destination would fit this trip. We thought a group trip to Bad Gastein would be ideal, and our client was also enthusiastic.

Flying in around 45 people from all over the world

On Wednesday, all participants from other countries were flown in, and we booked a hotel for them in the Netherlands. Did you know that participants can check themselves in during such trips using our unique Digital Event Manager?

From head office to Schiphol

The kick-off for the group trip to Bad Gastein took place the next morning at the head office for all employees. Our goMICE team ensured that three coaches were waiting. These brought us to Schiphol. Everyone was in a great mood!

Groepsreis naar Bad Gastein - ga met goMICE!

The trip went smoothly. On arrival, we took the group to the ski and snowboard rental as quickly as we could so that everyone would be ready to go up on the slopes the following day. They could hardly wait!

Groepsreis naar Bad Gastein - ga met goMICE!

A diner for 150 in the Bellevue Hotel

After a fantastic dinner in the Bellevue Hotel and a cosy knees-up at the bar, it was time to go to bed. The next day, we split the group into 4 smaller groups:

  • One group went to go get lessons (some for skiing, some for snowboarding)
  • One advanced group got going on their own
  • One group didn’t want to ski, and these went on a schneeshuhwanderung (snowshoeing)
  • A fourth group went to Salzburg.

Groepsreis naar Bad Gastein - ga met goMICE!

Salzburg is a beautiful city where the composer Mozart was born. Definitely worth a visit!

Hitler’s eagle’s nest, a little bit of history

On the way we stopped at Berchtesgaden, which is unknown to many. On top of the mountain at Berchtesgaden, you can visit Hitler’s so-called eagle’s nest. Here, Hitler had a good view of both Austria and Germany, and organised many meetings for both the SS and the Gestapo at this location.

Groepsreis naar Bad Gastein - ga met goMICE!

Precisely because we had so many international guests on this trip, this stop was a very interesting and special moment.

A group trip to Bad Gastein – Time for après-ski

At the end of the day we had a get-together, organised in the neighbouring après-ski bar, the Silver Bullet, and the party got underway! For dinner, we hired an alpine hut which could only be reached via a one-person ski-lift.

On arrival, it was super-cosy in the warm hut. An open hearth kept everyone warm, and we were able to have a lovely fondue.

A hilarious end to the evening

Soon, everyone was jolly and people began telling stories. The extra-fun thing of this hut was that you can go down on a luge to the bottom, almost to the door of the hotel. This conclusion of the night’s activities was hilarious! A total of 150 screaming and shouting luges thundered down the mountain, and naturally there were no accidents!

Organising an igloo-building competition during the group trip to Bad Gastein

The following morning (some weren’t fully awake yet), we had organised an igloo-building contest. The teams were very competitive, and some teams seemed to have paid greater attention to Physics at school than others. However, at the end there were several real igloos standing!

Groepsreis naar Bad Gastein - ga met goMICE!

Around midday, it was time to leave again. Tired but satisfied, everyone got on the coach to the airport.

We received lots of nice and good compliments from everyone including the international participants. Everyone was really happy that we’d included extra activities, moments and surprises, such as the stop in Berchtesgaden and going down the mountain on a luge. These surprise elements made a group trip like this extra special! We at goMICE always want to exceed expectations. Ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time is always our goal! This group trip to Bad Gastein was certainly a success.

Would you like us to organise your next group trip? Then send an email to Hello@goMICE.nl or give us a ring.

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