Organising a ‘green’ event in Frankfurt

goMICE organises, among other things, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.  We have an experienced and dedicated team who will completely familiarise themselves with any client’s culture, core activities and organisational goals. One of our specialities is organising events, and that’s a special challenge. From our experience, we know what we have to look out for, and what the pitfalls are when organising such an event. .

Organising a green event

We lately got a request from a green energy producer. The client’s wishes were clear: “We want to organise an event at a ‘green’ location. It has to be within driving distance of the Netherlands. 200 people will be coming along. During the day we’d like to take part in some activities, and in the evening we’d like a big party”. For this kind of trip, goMICE is just the company you’re looking for!

After an internal discussion, we suggested three ‘green’ destinations to our client. One of these cities was Frankfurt. Frankfurt tops the list of sustainable cities in Europe, and this was the perfect match for our client. Let’s go to Frankfurt!

goMICE - Events | Groen event organiseren Frankfurt

Organising a green event, with goMICE organising everything down to the finest details

We organised the coaches, and around midday the group of 200 people made their way to Frankfurt in four buses. Frankfurt is a couple of hours by car, and that can make you hungry! We knew that there was a very suitable location ‘en route’ where we could stop to eat. An organic, green farm, the Krewelshof, which has fantastic food.

goMICE - Events | Groen event organiseren Frankfurt

After the meal, there was time to shop. The Krewelshof sells all sorts of nice organic products.

goMICE - Events | Groen event organiseren Frankfurt

Activities in Frankfurt

The following day, it was time to get involved with some fun activities. The group of 200 people was split into three smaller groups. We organised three activities that day in Frankfurt.

  • A cycle trip through the town, 100% green transport
  • A GPS walking tour while seeing all the beautiful sights
  • A ride on the Ebbelwei. The Ebbelwei is a special tram which makes a tour through the city centre

goMICE - Events | Groen event organiseren Frankfurt

After these activities, it was time for a big party in the evening, which was the highlight of the trip! Where would you organise a party like this for 200 people in Frankfurt? We knew exactly where to plan this party, because the theme was ‘Venetian Carnival’. The party should take place in Frankfurt’s former opera house: the Alte Oper. We instructed a local caterer to transform the hall into a beautiful ballroom.

goMICE - Events | Groen event organiseren Frankfurt

Organising a party in the Alte Oper

There was a mixture of presentations and acts during the night of the party at the Alte Oper. There were fantastic buffets where people could eat delicious food. At the end, a DJ made sure to raise the roof!

goMICE - Events | Groen event organiseren Frankfurt

Tired, but having had a fantastic party night, the final guests returned to the hotel. Our goMICE team too, but not before we were sure that everyone had found their hotel room. The night was short, because around midday the next day the coaches were waiting to take everyone back home.

Everyone in the coach, homeward bound

It wasn’t easy to get everyone into the coaches in good time. Here and there people were still sleeping off their hangovers! By searching all the rooms, we finally managed to get all the late risers in the coach and waved goodbye to everyone. It was nice to see everyone get on the bus looking happy. Some were however more fit than the other! The event in Frankfurt was fantastically successful, and luckily our client thought so too!

Would you like to experience a perfectly organised event by goMICE too? Then send an email to or give us a ring on +31 (0)10-2412045.

What our client said: What a fantastic event by goMICE! Everything was organised to the finest details, and the goMICE team never leave anything to chance. We’ll be going with goMICE again next time!

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